Punahou. Iolani. Making it work.

When we first met.

Most people don't go to Las Vegas looking for love. We were there for a UH football game with friends. But, admist the romantic atmosphere of slot machines, stadium hot dogs, and a VERY long conversation about juicing, happiness and life's expectations, sparks flew. And even though, combined we lost a fair amount of money that trip, we both walked away feeling like winners.

The journey thus far.

With 2,800 miles between us, it has definitely been a journey! Lori lived in New York at the time, while James was in San Diego. Numerous "business trips" to see each other, led to a cross-country road trip bringing Lori to LA, numerous trips up and down the coast, to finally bring Lori and James (and Payz and Mila) together happily in San Diego. Thousands of miles, but we always felt close.

An "almost-perfect" engagement.

Call it Lori's innate abilities, or James's inability to keep a secret, but everything from getting the ring to an attempted "surprise" proposal were anything but a surprise. Even if everything leading up to it went wrong, Lori said "Yes!" and it couldn't be more right!