Meet the Wedding Party.

Marina Lieban

You can always spot Marina in the group because she is the shortest one wearing the highest heels (sarcasm). Marina lives in San Francisco and is getting her MBA at Stanford. Before grad school, she worked for Facebook helping start their offices in India and Ireland. Marina has been one of Lori's best friends since high school and even though there is distance between them, when they are together, their friendship never misses a beat.

Rayna Fujii

Lori can't even remember the first time she met Rayna (partially due to her bad memory) but it feels as if they have known each other forever. Rayna is always there for her and even though they have lived apart for over 11 years now, they always find ways to see each other. They would visit each other in northern and southern California when they were in college, Rayna traveled to New York when Lori was working there, and she even went all the way to Hong Kong when Lori was studying abroad there. Rayna lives in Hawaii and is a teacher at Ewa Elementary and on the side is a broadway jazz dancing queen. :)

Shelley Toy

Shelley currently lives in LA and kills it at her job at AllianceBernstein (if you have a lot of money and don't know what to do with it, call Shelley). She is Lori's SoCal bestie, always in to grab drinks/brunch/lunch/dinner/ or do other food related activities, hang out at the beach, or go shopping. They met at Punahou, went to usc together, and remain close friends to this day.

Sean Mochizuki

Not many people know this, but Sean and James are twin brothers. Their fraternal connection, often mislabeled with a liberal use of the term "bromance", shines through in their shared love of movies, bowling, and movies about bowling. They are just as likely to get lost in each others eyes (unless Sean's laughing, in which case his eyes disappear) as they are a deep conversation about Dawson's Creek.

Chris Domaloan

Married. Father. Chris is James's most mature friend. It would be a lie to say this was always the case. As Project Managers at Firefly Interactive, Chris and James frequently colluded on inappropriate videos and rap songs. Having also lived in Hawaii after college, then moving to the mainland, only to move back to Hawaii, Chris, and his wife, Jenn, laid the blueprint that James and Lori hope to follow.

Bryan Ho

Bryan is interesting. He is by far the smartest of James's friends, and actually using that intelligence to make the world a better place. He's sometimes funny, usually unintentionally, but he is always interesting. Bryan and James blazed trails in high school right towards the drama department where they both frequently found themselves typecast as the white guy, and the guy who speaks with broken english.